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Welcome to the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain website.


slide show of coversFounded nearly seventy years ago to promote and study all aspects of philately in British North America (Canada and its Provinces), the Society, which welcomes all BNA collectors from beginner to expert, is happy to receive enquiries from interested potential members.

The Society provides many benefits and services to its members. You should consider joining because of:-


6 May 2017 Many more new sheets of stamps and covers have been added to the Exchange Packet. You can find them here.

21 April 2017 Some new sheets of stamps and covers have been added to the Exchange Packet. You can find them here.

15 March 2017 Booking forms and Compeititon entry forms for the 2017 Convention can now be found at our Convention page.

15 March 2017 Our 28 February auction is now closed. Our thanks to all those members who participated in the auction.

17 February 2017 Some 23 new pages of covers and cards have been added to the Exchange Packet including some nice early transatlantic letters. You can find them here.

1 February 2017 Some new covers and cards have been added to the Exchange Packet. You can find them here.

27 January 2017 A full update of the Members Handbook Part 2 - Society Constitution and Rules has been uploaded to the website. You can find this here. In addition a link to the Exchange Packet rules has been added to the Exchange Packet page and the Benefits page now includes links to a list of past Convention venues, the rules of the Society Convention Competitions and the Exchange Packet rules. The 'About Us' page now also includes a link to full lists of past Presidents, Fellows and Honorary Life Members of the Society. In future, all of the above information (which was previously printed in the Members Handbook updates) will only be maintained up to date on the website.

13 January 2017 We have changed the Exchange Packet listing online so that members can now view all available cards and covers up to 31 December 2016 from one file link. New material will be placed in a separate file link for ease of access.

2 January 2017 Pictures from the 2016 Convention in Kenilworth have been added to the Convention Archive. You can find them here.

2 January 2017 The Maple Leaves issues from 2011 have been added to the online archive. You can find them here.

30 October 2016 Some initial travel details on how to get to and from the 2017 Convention have been added to the Convention page.

30 October 2016 The Society Library List has been updated to include the many new books added over the last 12 months. The updated list can be found here.

17 June 2016 The listing of Street Cancels has been updated to include some recent finds by members. See the Articles page for the relevant links.

28 April 2016 Thanks to the good offices of John Walsh, Editor of the excellent Newfoundland Specialised Catalogue, we are now able to offer an additional feature in our Maple Leaves Archive section. It is now possible to download complete volumes of Maple Leaves as a single pdf file as an alternative to individual issues. All 31 volumes of the archive are now available in this form. Be warned however that some of the files are very large so if you have slow (or no) broadband be prepared for a long wait!

slideshow of stamps
  • Maple Leaves – an award-winning quarterly journal
  • Our main social event also catering for partners - the Annual Convention. The next one will be held in October 2017 at the Grant Arms Hotel in Grantown on Spey.
  • Exchange packet – circuits for stamps and covers
  • Library – a valuable and extensive collection available for loan
  • Auctions – up to two held each year
  • BNA Literature – a wide range of handbooks for sale
  • Member’s Handbook
  • Informal local group meetings – held periodically in various regions
  • Specialised studies – handled by friendly and approachable contact members
  • Ability to widen your knowledge and make new friends










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