2022 Convention


Our 75th Annual Convention is planned to take place from Wednesday 28 September to Sunday 2 October in the city of Dundee in Scotland. The Convention will be held at the Queens Hotel in the city centre (see www.queenshotel-dundee.com).

A full draft prograamme for the event will be published here in April 2022 along with booking forms etc. In the meantime details of the programme, including costs etc are contained in the January 2022 issue of Maple Leaves.

To aid planning we have listed below some detailed travel information on how to get to and from Dundee and on the current Covid regulations that apply in Scotland:-


The first thing to note is any requirements relating to the COVID 19 pandemic. We very much hope that most of these will have been relaxed by the time Convention comes around. However, some restrictions on international travel are likely to remain for those who have not been vaccinated. The notes below reflect the situation as of December 2021. We will update this section if there are significant changes in the New Year. If you are planning to travel from overseas we strongly suggest to check the current travel requirements at https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-international-travel-quarantine/ We would also suggest travel insurance be in place in case there are any last minute changes to the rules.

Note that over the last few months, the four UK nations have adopted a common policy on international travel for the most part. However, as these are devolved matters there is no certainty that this will continue so always check the Scottish Government regulations.


If you are fully vaccinated (two doses completed at least 14 days prior to travel and travelling in from most countries):-

- must carry proof of vaccination (e.g. Canadian vaccine certificate)

- negative Covid test less than 48 hours prior to travel

- must book a Covid test (prior to travel) within two days of arrival in Scotland (if negative then free to move around UK normally)

If you are not vaccinated (and travelling in from most countries):-

- negative Covid test less than 48 hours prior to travel

- required to complete a passenger locator form

- required to book PCR tests prior to travel on day 2 and day 8 of stay in Scotland and to isolate at home or where you are staying for 10 days on arrival.

There are currently a small number of countries on the UK 'red' list (all in Southern Africa). Travel in from these countries requires extended quarantine in Government appointed hotels at the travellers cost.


Current regulation requires the wearing of face masks in all enclosed places such as shops and restaurants etc (obviously not when eating and drinking). Proof of vaccination or negative test is also required to enter some crowded places such as night clubs and large sporting events. Many restaurants will ask for contact details for track and trace purposes. With these exceptions, life is fairly normal albeit with advice to maintain hand hygeine etc.

Note that the regulations in Scotland are often different to those in England and Wales.



A google search will reveal that Dundee does have an airport. However, do not get excited! Currently the only regular services in and out of this small airport are from London City (twice a day) and Belfast (few times a week). the airport is also some way out of the city so not the ideal place to arrive.

The easiest places to fly to are either Edinburgh or Glasgow airports. Both of these have frequent rail links to Dundee and our hotel is a short walk from Dundee railway station (or even shorter taxi ride)- see below.


Dundee is on the main east coast rail network and has regular services to Edinburgh and points south to London, to Glasgow and points south and west, to Aberdeen etc. The Dundee railway station is very close to our hotel (short walk or even shorter taxi ride).

Trains from Glasgow Queen Street take between 1 1/2 and 2 hours to reach Dundee and depart roughly every 30 mins during the day.

Trains from Edinburgh take between 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 hours and depart roughly every 30 minutes.

Direct services from London (Kings Cross) take just under 6 hours to reach Dundee.

For more details and options visit https://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/


The Megabus franchise runs coach services from all corners of the UK to Dundee. Journey times are generally longer than rail (roughly double from London for example) but prices are far cheaper (less than half from London for example).

The main coach station in Dundee is in the city centre a short taxi ride from our hotel.

For more details and options visit https://uk.megabus.com


For those with SATNAV, the postcode of the hotel is DD1 4DU. A map will be provided to those who book to attend and indicate arrival by car.

The hotel has a fairly large car park at the rear (entry to the left of the hotel when facing the front).


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